Free Market Economy

40.00 - 50.00
Free Market Economy

"Every Society Gets the Visual Environment it Deserves."
- David Carson

Design is a need of modern society. Once we raised walls we crafted doors which had locks and keys. From that moment we required the use of a professional locksmith (or a burglar).

Every society that has locksmiths have formed a different design language to communicate. In Athens, Greece it's has free market economy vibe, a day to day fit of the strongest clash. Stretched sans serif fonts, fluorescent colors forms a unique design in time and space.

This is how design gets the the visual Environment that it deserves.


The design is a tribute to the silkscreen American pop art and to the Greek locksmith.

A four colors poster 50 x 70 cm (19,7 x 27,5 inches) screen printed in two versions.

One with fluorescent colors (31 prints) and one with four colors processing colors (48 prints).

Check out process photos here

All prints are one of a kind, custom loved and modified like a non stop working process. Signed, stamped and with a special wish.

Packs are sent registered. If you require special or different handling and shipping please request.

  • Process version
    43 available 90%
  • Fluorescent version
    26 available 84%