LEFKA / font + poster + stickers

LEFKA / font + poster + stickers

LEFKA typeface *** Informative, directional, imperative and somehow ironic –– a LIMITED EDITION set of STICKERS –– arranged in a 25x35 cm poster –– two SILKSCREEN POSTERS –– both in 35x50 cm . Buy the posters + stickers and get the FONTS ***FREE*** ***THIS NOVEMBER***

Designed by Vassilis P. Georgiou
Screen printed with love by Chrisanthos & Manolis Angelakis / Tind Silkscreen

Typeface in 3 weights
25x35 silkscreen vinyl stickers
35x35 silkscreen poster on 300 gsm paper
35x50 sikscreen poster on semitransparent paper

99 sets only available!